How to win fully funded scholarships with low GPA?

scholarships with low GPA

Do you want to take admission in the international universities with low CGPA? We are here to share some of the best tips with you which will help you to increase the chances of securing the fully funded scholarships with low GPA.

Fully funded scholarships with low GPA

There is huge number of international universities which announce the fully funded scholarships with low GPA for international students . WE have observed there are many universities which giving admissions with low grades. You can follow the steps and get admission. Many students ask that how to get admission with low grades? so don’t worry low grades should not stop you from pursuing your education in international universities.

Students often ask for the opportunities that can really help them to get the admission in international and well reputed university even with low GPA. Currently UK, France, Germany and Switzerland are at top, in which universities provide most fully funded scholarships for international students and helping them finding their goals and to be completed.

Tips to win fully funded scholarships with low CGPA

We have seen many students with Low CGPAs getting the fully funded scholarships for bad GPA. You also can be one of them to secure scholarship in international universities, just need to be focused and believe in yourself.

Work Experience

Sometimes, to get low grades doesn’t matter. Just get work experience in the field you want to grow up to secure fully funded scholarships with low GPA. Relevant experience in the field make you apart from other students, so remember if you have low CGPA then gain industry experience.

Statement of Purpose (SOP) for scholarships

Statement of purpose is an important part when applying for the fully funded scholarship in international universities. A good statement of purpose is your asset and it allows selection committee to make a decision about your selection, it’s great support especially when you have low academic grades. It’s essential to make a impressive statement of purpose for selection. I f you don’t know how to write statement of purpose have a look at How to Write Statement of Purpose for Scholarship.

Once you have completed the writing of statement of purpose, ask your friends, siblings, colleagues and teachers for review. They will suggest you changes, repeat this at least 2 times.

Reference Letters

When you will apply for scholarships with low GPA , there will be requirement of 2 o3 reference letters/recommendation letters. When you ask your Professor for recommendation tell them that you have low grades or low CGPA. By doing this can help you cause they will mention other activities and other sides to support you.


If you have got call for interview make sure that you tell them the reasons of your low GPA or low grades. Elaborate them your professional and personal goals. Show them your enthusiasm for the desired course and scholarship. It become more easy for them to choose you. Also tell them your desired university.

English Language Test

Take IELTS/TOEFL or GRE/GMAT (especially if you are applying to the United States). Good score of these tests can increase your chances for the selection. I have gone through many universities in the USA that have clearly written on their websites that if you are having low grades then bring the 7.5 Bands of IELTS exam. It means they are giving you chance to be the part of their university if you have potential to show them your eagerness for the program.

Scholarships with low GPA

Our Opportunities platform publish articles daily for the students who are seeking the fully funded scholarships in EUROPE and other countries. Sometimes student do not believe that we are speaking true cause we have research the information for you guys, just to make you understand that nothing is impossible. Here is the example: Click here to check the grades requirements.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships without IELTS


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