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Here we are with Scholarships in Australia for international students. The Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships for 2023-2024 offer a great chance for top International students in Australia to study for a master’s or PhD Scholarships in Australia.
The University of Melbourne has various scholarship options, like the Melbourne Research Scholarships and the Australian Government’s RTP Scholarships. These full scholarships let students study at some of Australia’s best universities. Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships. University of Melbourne acceptance rate is 70% to 80%.

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The Melbourne research scholarships in Australia last between 2.5 and 3 years for master’s degrees, and can extend up to 4 years for PhDs or doctoral degrees. The good news is that Melbourne University is offering scholarships in nearly all fields of study and research areas for the 2023-24 academic year.
Applying for these Scholarships in Australia is free of charge and the application process is straightforward, without a need for a separate long application that is often required for other scholarships. In this round, there are 600 scholarships available for graduate students.

Masters fully funded scholarships

Fully Funded Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships for 2023-2024

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Eligibility Criteria Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarship

  1. People from any country can apply for the Melbourne research scholarships, including Australians.
  2. To be eligible for the master’s scholarship, you need to have finished your bachelor’s degree with a grade of at least 75%. This bachelor’s degree should represent 16 years of total education.
  3. If you are aiming for the Ph.D. scholarship, a master’s degree is required, which represents 18 years of education, and you should have scored at least 75% in your exams.
  4. Applying for a master’s or a Ph.D., you should have a background in research from your most recent level of education.
  5. Other requirements include good health and proficiency in English, evidenced by having completed your last degree in English.
  6. Lastly, having some relevant work experience in your field is a plus.

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Benefits of Scholarships in Australia:

  1. Masters students who get the scholarship don’t have to pay tuition for up to 2 years, while PhD students can have their tuition covered for up to 4 years.
  2. Free tuition, students get a yearly living allowance of $34,400 for up to 2 or 3.5 years, depending on whether they are pursuing a Masters or a PhD. This allowance goes up every year and includes some paid leave for sickness, parenting, and maternity.
  3. If you’re moving from another state or country for the scholarship, there’s a moving allowance to help with the costs: $2000 for students from states other than Victoria, and $3000 for those coming from outside Australia.
  4. International students also get a free health insurance membership. Plus, all scholarship students will enjoy the benefits of studying at a top Australian university, including chances to network and do research.
  5. It’s also a chance to experience life in Australia and potentially boost your career globally.

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Fields of Study

  1. Arts, Humanities and Social Science
  2. Agriculture
  3. Architecture
  4. Business
  5. Economics
  6. Engineering
  7. Education
  8. Environment
  9. Food Science
  10. Health
  11. Computer Science
  12. Information Technology
  13. Law
  14. Music
  15. Science
  16. Vigenary

Documents Requirements Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships :

  1. Some schools ask you to give a research plan. If your last degree wasn’t fully in English, you might need to take an English test like TOEFL, IELTS, the Pearson academic test, or the Cambridge English exams to show you can handle English at the university level.
  2. You’ll also need letters recommending you from two people who know your work, which can be from school or a job.
  3. It’s good to show some things you’ve had published to prove your research abilities.
  4. They’ll ask to see your final grades from your last school, and depending on what you’re studying, you might have to give a sample of creative work, scores from a GRE or GMAT test, or some writing samples.
  5. Don’t forget to include your CV, which is a paper listing your experience and skills.”

Duration of Scholarships in Australia

Master’s : 2.5 to 3 Years

Ph.D. :3.5 to 4 Years

Note: The applicant must apply to the University of Melbourne for the scholarship


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