List of Best Universities in Germany 2024

List of Best Universities in Germany 2024

Best Universities in Germany: Germany is the second most popular country for its higher educational sector. It gains an incredible reputation for having an extensive variety of academic opportunities, research areas and employer positions. Germany has become a favorite choice for international students due to the availability of hundreds of fully funded scholarships, low tuition fees and excellent recruitment prospects.

Study in Germany is a good decision for international students. It offers high-quality education, many programs in English, and relatively low tuition fees, especially at public universities, also there are fully funded scholarships in Germany for international students. The country also has a strong focus on research and innovation, and many universities have good international reputations. Additionally, Germany provides a safe and welcoming environment for students from around the world. Today we are going to find out some of the best public universities in germany from all over the world.

List of Best Universities in Germany 2024

According to the QS world rankings, Germany is the home of the 49 best Universities in the world. In this blog, we will navigate the academic landscape of Germany and explore the top 10 Best Universities in Germany.

The Technical University Of Munich

Technical university of Munich ranks at No. #1 in Germany and ranks at No.#30 in World QS rankings, it has the top ranking among the best universities in Germany. It was founded in 1868 and offers programs not only in engineering and technology but also in a wide spectrum of disciplines like medicine, natural sciences, business and management. The Technical University of Munich supports young scientists and researchers through their qualified faculty and research facilities. The acceptance rate of Technical University of Munich for international students is 8%.

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich LMU, Founded in 1472 is considered the second largest university in Germany. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich ranks at No. #2 in Germany and it ranks at No.#38 in QS world rankings. The acceptance rate of LMU is 10% for international students. It is well known for its 500 years of experience in the educational sector and research area. The highest ranked disciplines of the University are pharmacology, philosophy, physics and astronomy. There are several requirements for admission in LMU is clearly described over the university’s main website you can check your eligibilty easily there.

Humboldt University of Berlin

Humboldt University of Berlin established around 200 years ago, in 1810. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Germany and world. It is very well known for arts and humanities. Humboldt University ranks at No. #4 in the Germany and it ranks at No. #87 in World QS Rankings. Humboldt University acceptance rate is 18% for international students. Originally called the University of Berlin, it got its current name in 1949. It’s named after its founder, Wilhelm von Humboldt, and his brother, Alexander von Humboldt, who was a famous naturalist and a former student.

In 2006, the German government started giving extra money to top science and research universities. In 2012, HU Berlin was one of 11 universities to get this money, making it known as one of the best universities in the country. The minimum CGPA requirement for admission in Humboldt University is 3.2.

Heidelberg University

Heidelberg university is the oldest gem in the academic landscape of Germany. Founded in 1386, it ranks third among the best universities in Germany and it ranks at No. #47 in World QS Rankings. The acceptance rate of Heidelberg university is 20%. It is well known for its brilliance focus on research among a broad spectrum of disciplines including natural sciences, life sciences and medicine.

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RWTH Aachen University

Originally founded in 1870, RWTH is considered as the second largest technical university in Germany and ranks 5th among the best universities in the Germany and 90th in World QS Rankings. RWTH Aachen university acceptance rate for international students is 5% to 10% It offers a variety of programs in engineering and technology. RWTH supports many engineers and innovators with its innovative and technology based research facilities.

University of Bonn

The University of Bonn, named after Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm, was founded in 1818. It grew quickly during the Age of Enlightenment with many famous scholars from Germany. In the 1930s, Nazis forced many Jewish scholars to leave, and in 1944, bombing destroyed the university. After the war, the university was rebuilt, students came back, and it worked to regain its former status. University of Bonn ranks at No. #6 in Germany and 91th in World QS Rankings. University of Bonn’s acceptance rate is 36% for international students in 2024.

Free University Of Berlin

Free University of Berlin was founded by a group of students and professors in 1948 during the cold war in Europe. The university is recognized for its dedication to academic freedom. FU is famous for having the largest botanical garden in Germany. The highest rated courses offered by the Free University of Berlin are political sciences, natural sciences, and linguistics and communication sciences.


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