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How to apply with low CGPA universities in Italy?

Have you been worried about low CGPA Universities to get admission? If you are a student and want to study abroad, then Italy could be the best choice to pursue your higher education. After the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States, Italy is the 4th most popular and best study destination in Europe. There has been a 45% increase in international students in the past few years in Italy, which jumped from 8th to 4th students used portals to get enroll.

How to apply with low CGPA universities in Italy?

Why study abroad in Italy? Most common question ask by the students that how to get admission with Low CGPA universities in Italy?. Many students from all over the world plan to study with low CGPA universities in Italy because of the high standards and high quality of education in Italy. Almost 1 lac students from all over the world are welcomed every year to pursue their higher education. Italy has the most prestigious universities, but students with a low CGPA may need help to get admission.

Many private and public universities in Italy require high grades for some specific courses. However, some universities accept students with lower grades. We are going to dive deep into the universities for that.

Why Study In Italy?

The QS World University Rankings list 2024 has 42 universities in Italy which are famous worldwide. Along with that, there are so many reasons why should we choose Italy to study? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons.

10 Best Reasons To Study in Italy

People choose to study in Italy for the following reasons.

  1. High Quality of Education In Italy
  2. Learn in diverse cultural surroundings there
  3. There are study-abroad courses for every major.
  4. Italy has 42 world-famous universities.
  5. Modern facilities are available
  6. You can enjoy the beautiful landscapes there with your studies continuing.
  7. There are so many part-time job opportunities in Italy.
  8. The visa process is easy as compared to other European countries.
  9. You can choose whether you have to learn English or Italian. 
  10. Italy has some of the oldest universities, like the university of Bologna and Bacconi University.

Low CGPA Universities with High Acceptance Rate In Italy

Before we go further, let’s look at the top 10 Universities with low CGPA acceptance in Italy and also high acceptance rates.

UniversitiesAcceptance Rates
University of Bari Aldo Moro90%
University of Calabria75 – 80%
University of Catania75 – 80%
University of Cagliari91%
University of Messina69%
University of Palermo60%
University of Salerno83%
University of Sassari75 – 80%
University of Teramo61%
University of Trieste69%

At the time of application, check the criteria for the program because the acceptance can be different when you are applying. So contact the specific university’s experts to reconfirm the confirm

Best Courses in Italy for International Students

At the time you apply for the low CGPA universities in Italy, you should look over the courses and field which fields and rates, even with your low grades, you can get admission. The following are some fields. For examples.

  • Art and Design
  • Humanties
  • Business Adminstration
  • Fashion Desiging
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality Management
  • Social Sciences

Requirements to Study In Italy

Students need to understand the general admission requirements and admission criteria to apply to Italian Universities with low grades. You will have to check the admissions criteria of different Italian Low CGPA Universities on their respective websites.

Admission Criteria for Students

To get into or be eligible for a bachelor’s or single-cycle master’s programs in Italy, students need to

  • Complete at least 12 years of education
  • Being eligible to take the test for the chosen course if needed
  • Attendance proof of last 2 years of study
  • For a master’s program, you must provide a bachelor’s degree
  • For some universities or courses, you may be required to give an English test.

Required Documents to Apply in Italian Universities

To apply for admission to universities in Italy that accept low CGPA, you typically need:

  • Secondary Education Details and official Documents
  • Value declaration of your degree or secondary education
  • Proof of eligibility and entrance exam scores
  • Valid ID proof like a passport
  • Official Transcripts from university
  • Resume or CV
  • Proof of Language proficiency in English or Italian 
  • Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose 
  • Two letters of recommendation

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Tips to apply in Italian universities with low CGPA

  • Studying in Italy is a dream of many students, but a low percentage can be a challenge also. Here are some tips given to help you get into Italian universities with a low percentage.
  • Submit the certificates that showcase your skills and talent even if you have low grades.
  • Write a strong statement of purpose (SOP). Convince the admission committee to accept you despite your low grades. For master’s, focus on the experience. For Bachelor’s, highlight the extra activities.
  • Clearly, mention why you want to join the course and why university should accept your proposal for admission. Mention what you will contribute to the university once you get selected.
  • Prepare an excellent Resume or CV
  • Submit well-written letters of recommendation that highlight your strengths
  • Provide a professional portfolio. Showcasing your work and skills can make you stand out from the crowd or students.
  • Prepare for an IELTS Exam


Can I get a scholarship with a low CGPA in Italy?

Yes, it is possible to get a scholarship with low CGPA in Italy. While some scholarships are merit-based and highly competitive. To improve your chances, focus on highlighting your strenghts in other areas, such as strong statement of purpose(SOP), impressive letter of recommendations, relevant work experience. Research and apply in multiple scholarships to increase the chances of opportunties.

Is IELTS Required to study in Italy?

For English taught course universities require IELTS or other alternatives liek TOEFL, GRE, Duolingo etc

Is IELTS important for Italy?

No, there is no particular requirement of IELTS. If any universities require IELTS, they may specify it in your acceptance letter.

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