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How to apply to Germany universities with low CGPA 2024?


Hey guys, if you guys are looking to apply to Germany universities with low CGPA in 2024, we are here to apply to get the information to study in Germany and find the universities that give or accept the low grades. Today we will look at how you can increase your chances of studying abroad in Germany. We will also make sure that you will not have to pay for studies at German universities while having a low percentage.

How to apply to Germany universities with low CGPA?

We will highlight some points like what the minimum CGPA is required to apply in Germany, the criteria, selection process, fully funded scholarships in German universities, German university structures and other structures.

Likewise, most countries have public and private universities. We are not going to talk about private universities, we will consider top public universities in Germany. It’s possible to study in Germany with low grades.

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Why to choose Germany to Study?

There can be many reasons to choose to study or for living. Germany is one of the best European countries worldwide. In Germany the Heinrich Böll Foundation announce and offer more than 1000 scholarships each year for international undergrdaute, postgraduate and doctoral programs at German universities. if we talk more about scholarships then only DAAD offers 215 scholarships and funding each year for international students.

There 12 best reasons to choose Germany to study.

  1. Prestigious Universites
  2. Safe and Secure Environment
  3. Politically and Econmically Stable
  4. Cultural Diversity
  5. Wide range of academic courses
  6. Practical Oriented Learning
  7. Fully Funded Scholarships
  8. Part-time work opportunities
  9. Rich German Culture Experience
  10. Low Tuition Costs
  11. Lot of things to explore
  12. Low Costs for living

List of top public universities in Germany which accept the low CGPA

  1. University of Greifswald
  2. University of Kassel
  3. Hannover Medical School
  4. University of Kaiserslautern
  5. Imenau University of technology
  6. University of OldenBurg
  7. University of Madgeburg
  8. Jacobs University Bremen
  9. Leuphana University Luneburg
  10. Universität zu Lübeck
  11. University of Mannheim
  12. TU Darmstadt
  13. Goethe University Frankfurt
  14. University of Passau
  15. University of Cologne
  16. FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
  17. Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  18. University of Stuttgart
  19. Ulm University
  20. University of Münster
  21. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
  22. University of Siegen

These are the best German universities for international students

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How to Study In Germany with Low CGPA 2024?

If you want to study in Germany for free, then consider the following things. Make everything possible and strong to get admission.

In Germany, public universities are further categorised into two types:

  • Technical universites (TU Universitites)
  • Universitites of Applied Sciences

To get into technical universities you need higher CGPA, typically minimum of 3.2 or 3.3

Universities in major cities like Hamburg and Frankfurt offer more job opportunities.

Required Documents to apply to German universities with low CGPA

  • CV or Resume
  • Valid Passport
  • Application Form
  • Motivation Letter
  • English Proficiency certificate
  • Health Insurance
  • German Language Proficiency (if any)
  • Academic Certificates
  • Transcipts of last degree
  • Acceptance letter from German university
  • Recommendation Letters
  • IELTS exam score certificate (if required by the university)

Tips to get asmission in Germany with Low CGPA.

  • Strong Motivation Letter ( The whole application will rely on a motivation letter)
  • Showcase of your co-curricular activities certificates if you have low grades
  • Resume or CV (Well organized CV that shows your strength)
  • Recommendation letters from university professors that highlight your strengths
  • Portfolio (portfolio that shows your relevant work helps you to get admission)
  • In the application you mention why university should offer you admission.
  • Prepare and give an IELTS exam. It will hopefully make everything possible.

These tips will help you to apply to Germany universities with low CGPA. Cover these all tips and prepare yourself and get ready to study abroad in Germany as an international student.


Can I apply to Germany Universities with low CGPA?

Yes, it can be a little bit hard but not impossible. We have seen so many students who had low cgpa and still they are stuying in the universities of Germany. It’s all about your dedication towards your goals.

Is IELTS mandatory for Germany?

IELTS is not necessary or mandatory for Germany as Germany is not an English speaking country. However, some undergraduate and graduate programs require an average of 6.0 score of IELTS to get admission.



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